Complete Skin & Coat Wellness

Grooming should be an essential part of your pet’s overall health. In addition to a perfectly manicured hair cut, our top of the line products and equipment are designed to maintain your pets healthy skin and coat, or improve and repair dermatological issues.


Client Education

We’re here to help all of our pet parents navigate and tailor each pup’s special needs. Regular maintenance visits allow our professional pet estheticians to guide and help our pet parents.  By participating in continuing education quarterly, our staff is able to bring home extensive expertise and the most current and comprehensive knowledge to share with Acadiana.

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As UL alumni and Cajun country residents, we are always striving to not only improve our neighborhood, but to encourage others to be active participants in the overall betterment of the canine community.  We vow to partake in local charity, fundraisers, and philanthropic events, as it directly benefits our mission.  Bark Avenue is always open to support a worthy cause!