With Care and intuition, Ila has become known for her ability to work with special needs pets. Over the years, she has developed a close connection with customers through open communication and education. Grooming alongside her team, allows for an environment of growth, learning, and excitement. Her Ability to lead a team through positivity enhances her teaching abilities as she works hands on with each groomer to strive for excellence on every pet!

Growing up I always knew I would work with animals in some capacity. My favorite part of Bark Avenue is that it will always be about more than just a haircut here. My ultimate goal is for each pet to leave with a healthier skin and coat and for each pet parent to feel educated and secure knowing they are supporting a small business that operates with integrity.




Tiffany boasts 14 years in the pet industry, 10 of those being a groomer.  She brings love, dedication, and huge amounts of patience she’s learned over the years which has helped her excel in her craft. She began as a dog trainer, teaching group and one on one classes from puppy school to advanced obedience training. With immense knowledge on body language, temperaments, and positive reinforcement techniques, she can carefully work with pets of all sizes and behavior types. 

I’ve been extra lucky in finding my spot at Bark Avenue. Our opportunities as groomers are endless. With top of the line equipment and products, continuing education events, and an amazing staff, we always have what we need to be the highest quality groomers around. Being able to provide high quality, nurturing love to each and every pet that walks through our doors is one of the greatest joys in my life. I hope to continue taking care of your fur babies for years to come!




Anne, a lifelong pet lover, turned that love into a 10 year career of pampering pets. A native of Memphis, TN, she got her start in grooming in Miami and groomed all over the south before settling down with her husband and daughter in Lafayette. 

I always strive to better my grooming skills and love to challenge myself with more complex requests. My personal grooming philosophy is trust. I find that trust is a major component to a great groom. Together with skill and confidence, your pet can trust that they are safe and will come back home looking great!




Rachel joined the Bark Crew in 2017 and is currently training to be a stylist. She specializes in bathing and dematting dogs. She also enjoys a game of tug-o-war after coming home from work to her furbabies.

I enjoy working for Bark Avenue because everyone is so loving and so ready to help teach me to do something I love. My goals are to be able to become the groomer that I feel I’m capable of.




Ashley grew up on a horse and cattle farm in Leesville, LA. This developed a deep love and connection to all animals. A year ago, she met her furry soulmate, a Standard Poodle named Vincent. He inspired her fascination with all of the things she could do with his hair! After studying endless hours of YouTube grooming videos as a hobby, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to express her creative and artistic nature daily. That epiphany landed her at Lafayette’s most sought after, first-class grooming salon, Bark Avenue.

I have only been in the industry for under a year, but being at Bark and receiving training from, in my opinion, the top, most qualified and renowned groomers in the city, I have full certainty of an exciting and constantly rewarding career as a pet styling specialist! Not only am I allowed to interact with the cutest fuzzy faces in town, I work alongside some beautifully gifted visionaries, who have all become fast friends and make “work” my funnest, and favorite place to be!



Meredith is a veteran to the industry following her mom who has been a groomer for over 20 years. Through this experience, she has learned to care for elderly pups who need extra care and attention, to younger pups who just want to have fun. Her goals are to eventually foller in her mom’s steps to become a pet stylist. She has two dogs Max (yorkie mix), Elsa (husky), and a three-legged cat, Lynn.

I found myself at Bark Avenue when looking for a place to bring my Siberian Husky, Elsa, to get THE BEST deshed bath and I felt most comfortable with leaving her in their hands with the environment and the way they handle animals. After seeing they had an opening I applied and got the opportunity to work at Bark Avenue!

I never saw myself doing anything that wasn’t animal related, and while I sort of fell into grooming at a very young age, my passion for it just continues to grow. I am grateful to Bark Avenue for allowing me the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge.




Brooke has been grooming for 13 years and started her apprenticeship at the age of 15. Brooke excels at breed standards, and enjoys learning profiles of dog breeds she doesn’t get to see often. She has recently discovered a passion for the dog conformation show world and will even be competing with her personal standard poodle, Muira

I never saw myself doing anything that wasn't animal related, and while I sort of fell into grooming at a very young age, my passion for it just continues to grow. I am grateful to Bark Avenue for allowing me the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge.




“Dogs have been the light of my life for as long as I can remember. They've been a true companion to me and I have learned so much from these incredible beings, such as how to give and recieve unconditional love  and of course, to always remember to play!
Working with dogs and helping them to feel and look their best while also being able to express myself creatively is truly a joy and a passion.  I am incredibly grateful to work with such a supportive and skilled team that lift me up as I become the best groomer I can be!”




Cindy brings 20 years of experience to the salon. She joined the team in the very beginning. Cindy worked at a local vet for 17 years before making the move the first Bark Avenue location.

I take pride and joy in my job: taking in the dogs in the morning then watching them leave with beautiful haircuts, running to mom and dad waiting to see their hair-do's. I have two rescue animals -- Sara, a 7 year old beagle mix who loves coming to work with me and Boo Cat, who loves to bully Sara.




Born into a pack of her own, Kaysen brings an expertise to puppy lovin'. Her parents, owners of Bark Avenue, have passed on a legacy of intuition and adoration for each pet that comes into the building.

Puppies! Pet!