abouT us

As the lead stylist, owner, interior designer, dog walker, cabin cleaner, puppy snuggler, poop picker-upper, and dog comfort expert, I am thrilled to welcome you to our Bark Family. I’m Ila Leger. I’ve called Acadiana home since 2007 when I signed up to be a Ragin’ Cajun. With my Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, I continued on my animal lovin’ journey. After 8 years of working at a local veterinarian practice as a lead tech, I made the jump with my wonderful husband, Shadd, to begin the adventure of Bark Avenue. He’s our behind the scenes guru as owner, bookkeeper, handyman, architect of impossible ideas, plumber, and puppy toiletry restocker. Bark is forever benefiting from the value he brings, with the Leger family having 50+ years in small business.

Continuing education and sharing my knowledge is the drive behind our growth and excellent standard of care. As a dedicated #dogmom, I am passionate about going beyond simple pet maintenance to ensure all pets are thriving. Overall skin and coat care is paramount at Bark Avenue. Working with pet parents to cultivate an ongoing and healthy routine is essential to our process. High quality products and equipment help myself and our staff assist you on this journey. We are excited to share this highly curated experience for you and your pet, the modern dog.