My name is Ila Leger.  When I first began college at UL here in Lafayette, I was a full time student and working for a veterinarian.  I was always excited to spoil my fur babies whenever I could so I began trying out different salons around Acadiana.  Unfortunately, I repeatedly found that they were caged and stressed all day with no water and no potty breaks.  I finished my Bachelor's degree in Animal Science at UL and went on to become the lead technician/groomer at the veterinary practice I worked at for 8 years.  I soon made up my mind that with my veterinary experience and training that I could offer a safe, fun environment for other fur babies!  I opened Bark Avenue Pet Spa and Boutique with the mission to offer a higher standard of care.

Bark Avenue is owned and operated by myself and my husband Shadd Leger. My two receptionists are Tootsie Marie, a miniature schnauzer, and Butters Wade, a bichon mix.  A few years ago I discovered that Butters is epileptic and stress can actually induce a seizure.  Imagine how badly I felt knowing the stress he endured for something as simple as a hair cut.  I'm excited to offer a completely new, completely different experience for all the other fur babies who need the extra TLC.  All appointments are solely based on what ever is most convenient for the pet parent and what is the least stressful for the pet.  Some pets need to get away for a day and relax in our cabins, while some pets prefer to get their new do and head home to show it off! I will be happy to evaluate and discuss what is the best plan for your pet regarding their groom, their daycare, or any other pet parenting question you may have!